2017 Playing Rule Changes & Comments

Note: All changes below are EFFECTIVE January 1, 2017 unless otherwise noted.


Rule 5 Section 10 When the time limit rule is in effect time begins with the first warm up pitch….

Comment: Better defines when the time limit begins.


 Rule 2 Section 3D: The catcher’s box shall be as wide as the two batter’s boxes from outside line to outside line, 8’5” for Fast Pitch and Slow Pitch and 10’5” wide for 16” Slow Pitch. The length of the Fast Pitch catcher’s box will be 7’and 10’ long in Slow Pitch.

Comment: Changes the depth of the catcher’s box for all Fast Pitch Divisions of Play to seven feet.


 Rule 2, Section 1: Note: Junior Olympic Fast Pitch 8-Under. The region hosting the Regional Championship Final will establish the base, pitching and fence distances. This will also apply to all of the USA Softball Rules.

Comment: Establishes a Regional Championship Final for USA Softball 8-Under Junior Olympic Classification of Play, with the host region establishing the playing rules for the Championship.