USA Softball RI Team/League Guide

Ace Certification & Background Checks

A minimum of one coach, preferably the head coach, from each team must be ACE certified (current year). It is recommended that more than one coach be ACE certified.

All other adult members of a team's coaching staff, that includes scorekeepers, must obtain a background check administered by the company that USA Softball has designated to perform these checks. USA Softball background checks are nationwide checks, no other background check that you may have obtained will be accepted.

Both ACE certification and the background checks are done online. Go to

The cost for ACE registration is $25.00 for the first year, then $20.00 for each year following. A background check comes with ACE certification. Background checks alone, are only $7.00.

Should there be a problem with logging in, ACE, BCI, etc. do the following:

On the bottom of the opening page for Register USA Softball,, click on "report issues", complete the form to receive technical support, make sure to identify where you are having difficulties in the drop down box labled "Department", then submit the ticket.

Team/League Registration

Teams that have yet to register/insure your team with USA Softball RI for the 2015 season need to use the USA Softball Excel spreadsheet designed for this purpose.Registration/insurance is $16.00 per player/coach/administrator.

Once registered/insured with USA Softball RI, each team and league will be issued a "certificate of insurance" via e-mail. These certificates should be placed in a team binder or folder, or, for leagues, wherever documents are kept. Teams or leagues needing proof of insurance, required by the towns/cities where they are using facilities, will be issued an "additional insured" certificate, also via e-mail. The address of the field or facility owner needs to be provided before a certificate can be issued.

USA Softball Roster & Waiver Forms

All travel teams, or league all-star teams, must complete an USA Softball roster form, roster forms will be made available at the February meeting. These forms need to be completed in a timely manner. Do not wait until the bracket draw meeting in June to return them to the USA Softball RI Youth Commissioner.

Completed roster forms are to be mailed to the USA Softball RI JO Commissioner for signature. Once signed, a red line will be placed under the last player listed on the roster, a copy will be filed and then the original will be mailed back to the team manager. No longer will rosters be e-mailed. Should a team need to add or delete a player from their roster, do the following:

To delete a player: draw a line through that player's information, do not use white out.

To add a player: complete the USA Softball pick up player form and mail to the USA Softball RI JO Commissioner along with payment.

Information other than signatures on the roster form needs to be either typed or printed clearly. MINOR PLAYERS DO NOT SIGN OR INITIAL ROSTER FORMS, parents or guardians do. Before a parent/guardian signs and initials the form, they need to read the back of the form. To make this process go quicker, make copies of the back of the roster/waiver form to give to all parents/guardians. There is a place on the roster form for e-mail addresses, leave that blank, it is not required. Lastly, also on the back of the form, there is a place for the manager's/head coach information, this needs to be completed in full before the form is mailed to me.

A signed USA Softball roster/waiver form noting team classification is required for all teams entering USA Softball tournaments. Players not on a team's roster form are ineligible to compete. Players being added to a class "B" roster cannot have been on a class "A" roster during the current year.

Team Classification

How teams are classified in RI is clearly explained on the opening page of the USA Softball RI website (

USA Softball Tournaments

Tournament directors running invitational tournaments in class "B" or "C" are not to allow teams to enter that don't meet the criteria required for class "B" or "C". A class "A" team cannot play in a class "B" or "C" tournament, a class "B" team cannot play in a class "C" tournament.

Out of state teams are classified by their respective states, not ours. We must adhere to out of state team classifications, even if they differ from that of Rhode Island's.

Tournament directors wishing to change their tournament's classification after the tournament is posted and has already begun accepting teams, first need to notify the USA Softball RI JO Commissioner. Then, if approved, notify all teams that have registered for the tournament via e-mail that the tournament's classification has been changed. Tournament directors have 90 days prior to the tournament's scheduled start to change tournament classifications. Once a tournament's classification has changed, all teams entered to that point, that no longer wish to participate, may withdraw and receive a full refund.

Tournament directors must be sure that any team that registers for a tournament is USA Softball registered and carries insurance. Teams should not be accepted into a tournament unless and until they are registered with USA Softball in their respective states. All New England Region states will either list their registered teams on the USA Softball New England Tournament web site, or on their own state USA Softball web sites.

All 8U Coach-Pitch Tournaments are considered class "C" tournaments, reserved for players that are registered in an USA Softball recreational league.

How to enter a tournament via the USA Softball New England web site

1) Go to

2) Click on "View NY/NE USA Softball Tournaments

3) In drop down box labeled associaton, select the state where you wish to play

4) In the drop down box for organization, select an organization

5) In the drop down box for age group, select the age group you are looking for

6) In the drop down box for classification, select the classification you are looking for

7) When all is selected, click on "details" to the left

8) register your team

Team Folder/Binder

The following 5 items should be kept in your team folder or binder and brought with you to all games:

  1. A signed USA Softball roster form.
  2. Your team's insurance certificate.
  3. Copies of player birth certificates or other acceptable forms of ID.
  4. Incident report form (needed in case you have a player injured).
  5. Individual registration claim form.

Not needed is any waiver forms that allow you to have a player treated, whose parent or guardian is not in attendance, when an injury occurs. When a parent signs and initials the USA Softball roster, they are giving you permission. That is why it is imperative that parents or guardians READ the back of the USA Softball roster/waiver form.

Injured Players

Should a player sustain a serious injury, call 911 and get a rescue to the scene. All head injuries should be considered serious in nature, call 911.

All teams should carry a safety kit with them at all times for minor scrapes and bruises. Ice packs are a must have item, along with tape, band aids, etc. When attending a tournament, do not assume that these items will be available on site. Minor cuts and abrasions that draw blood have to be attended to before a player is allowed back into a game. See the USA Softball Blood rule in your rulebook, rule one, definitions, on page 24 of the rule book.

2017 Fees

Registration/insurance $15.00 per player/coach/administrator.
Tournament Sanction $50.00 per tournament.
Spring-Summer-Fall Leagues $35.00 per team.
Class A, B, + C State Tournaments 4 game guarantee $550.00 - 5 game guarantee $600.00.
8U Coach Pitch State Tournament $400.00